Adopting a dog is an exciting time! Whether choosing an older dog or a young puppy, the exhilaration that comes from providing a pup with a brand new forever home alters the lives of people and their pups in so many ways.

But what do dogs — specifically puppies — think about the adoption process?

1. Look, guys, another family came in. I hope they choose all of us!

080814_01Photo Source: James Brooks via Flickr

2. This girl is sooo nice! She scratched me gently behind the ears and everything.

080814_02Photo Source: Eden, Janine, and Jim via Flickr

3. I got my furever home today. I may look sad, but I'm just pooped from all the awesome fetchin'!

080814_03Photo Source: Blaise Alleyne via Flickr

4. I made a new friend today. The backyard was fenced in on all sides so we could run and play in the grass!

080814_04Photo Source: Craige Moore

5. Curled up on the couch, I'm content as can be. I'm glad my new family wanted a dog, and that the dog they wanted was me!

080814_05Photo Source: Yovany Alas via Flickr

I think it's safe to say that dogs and puppies enjoy being adopted as much as we love to adopt them! Do you have photos from when you adopted your dog? Share them with the community on our Petcentric Facebook page!