When it comes to cute cat costumes, safety comes first. Check out the Pirate Cat Costumes, below. While it’s one of the most popular cat costumes, it may not be the best option for your furry friend. It’s important that you try not to cover your cat’s ears or face, and keep their mobility as unimpaired as possible.

cat pirate costume

cat wearing a pirate hat

Now that we’ve voiced our kitty concerns, let’s get to the Top 10 cutest cat costumes. Our ranking was based on three simple cat costume criteria – cuteness, creativity, and comfort.

10. Pumpkin Kitty aka Chubby Carrot Cat

cat wearing a pumpkin costume

This one gets mega points for quirky cuteness. And extra credit for feline focus, because it’s not easy to model when you don’t know if you’re a pumpkin or a carrot.

9. Santa Claws

santa claus cat costume

Getting cats incorporated into the holidays can be a challenge, but this outfit proves that felines can be festive.

8. Medieval Bridesmaid aka Grumpy Hipster Kitty

medieval bride cat costume

Creativity (and attitude) really carried this costume to the top. When you’re this cute, you get to be as moody as you want.

7. Hot Dog! What a cute cat!

hot dog cat costume

Though appetite appeal was not one of the criteria, this little kitty looks adorable and delicious!

6. Ballerina

ballerina cat costume

Elegance is rare in cat costumes, which makes this kitty’s simple yet stylish tutu even more impressive.

5. Crazy legs

cats wearing fake long legs

Not exactly sure what’s going on here, but it’s super creative and super cute. It may only work for a photo opp, but kudos for thinking outside the litter box!

4. Kitty Cowboy - Howdy paw-tner!

cowboy cat costume

With rugged good looks and plenty of creativity, this outlaw definitely makes it on our wanted poster!

3. Taco Cat

taco cat costume

We’ve seen them in GIFs, memes and all over the Internet. And now Taco Cat is on our top ten!

2. Political Pussycat

political cat costume

Creative, cute and cool under pressure. Finally, a politician we can all cuddle with!

1. Dapper Cat

cat wearing a black bowtie

With our number one spot, we wanted to celebrate a true classic; a simple bow tie is cute, comfortable and always classy.

We love our cats, and we love dressing them up. So, when picking a cat costume let’s make sure it’s safe, comfortable and super cute all at the same time. If your cat is uncomfortable, make sure to remove the costume and never keep it on for very long. And perhaps your furry friend deserves a Purina® cat treat, too! 

If you have a cute costume that you think should be in our top ten, send it our way on our Facebook Page! We’re always eager to see the next generation of feline apparel. And we know you’re at the cutting edge of cute cat costumes!