Remember those adorable canines and felines that give you so much love all year, every year? Don’t forget about them this holiday season during the hullabaloo of gift shopping, decorating and caroling. So many ways to celebrate with your pets await, and we’re here to help you bring joy to their world!  


Santa “Claws” is coming to town, and your pets probably have plenty of toys on their wish list. Luckily, we have you covered, from stocking stuffers to DIY pet gifts, plus a few quick and easy ideas below:


  • Five toys that will be the cat’s meow
    1. Catnip bubbles to keep her chasing
    2. Laser pointer to test your kitty’s agility
    3. Cat tipi for a stylish hideout
    4. Window hammock for comfortable neighborhood watching
    5. Empty box – if she fits, she sits
  • Four DIY gifts that can’t go wrong
    1. Allow your cat to hide from holiday company by making her a cat tent
    2. Create a self-petting station for your feline and save your tinseled tree at the same time
    3. Make playtime super authentic with your own feather wand creation
    4. Channel Kris “Krinkle” and make a scrumple buddy


  • Top toys for your top dog
    1. Treat feeder to feed his determination
    2. Ball launcher to burn off some holiday energy
    3. Bully stick to keep him happily occupied – and clean his teeth while he’s at it!
    4. Tether tug toy – better to play war with than the dinner turkey!
  • Four DIY gifts that won’t make you dog-tired
    1. Upcycle an old T-shirt and lidless water bottle by creating a crunchy T-shirt toy for puppies
    2. Tug-of-war gets personal when you present a denim dog toy made from your old jeans
    3. Doggie mud mitten – is it more of a toy for him or for you? Time will tell.
    4. Your pooch will have a ball with a muffin tin puzzle

Whatever gift you choose, remember that pets have their own ideas of what would make the perfect holiday. Perhaps top of their list would be an extra cuddle, scratch of the belly and stroke of their fur.


We’re talking ultimate stocking stuffers, people. This is the stuff that keeps those tails swinging and meows ringing. Browse a variety of dog treats and cat snacks to see what your pet would love most, then get to shopping!


Hark! A shelter pet is calling. Spread the holiday cheer beyond the four-legged friends in your own home to those awaiting their forever home in local shelters. Here are just a few ways you can lend a paw this season:

  1. Volunteer: From cleaning cages, to walking dogs, to stuffing envelopes, many shelters are always looking for a little extra help.
  1. Provide warmth: Keep animals cozy in the winter by donating your old towels, blankets or sheets.
  1. Donate: Sponsor a shelter pet or set up a fundraiser within your community.
  1. Foster: Because there’s no place like a home for the holidays.
  1. Shop: Buy gifts for your pets from a local pet charity fundraiser so that all the proceeds support animals in need. 


“A trip to the vet is top on my holiday wish list,” said no pet ever. “Safety First” is the #1 rule-of-thumb for a successful holiday celebration with your pet. Review these 5 pet safety tips for the holidays, and know the risks to avoid as you ring in a season of cheer.

  • Deck the halls, but watch what you use for all that decorating. Poinsettias are usually the first on the list of what to look out for during the holidays, but they tend to cause only mild toxicity in pets. Holly and Mistletoe can be more worrisome, and lilies or yew can cause particularly severe reactions in pets.
  • look out for holly and lilies if you have a curious pet. Mistletoe and Poinsettias should also be used with care. Levels of toxicity are typically mild for these type of plants, if your pet ingests them, it may be better to play it safe if you think your pet will
  • Download “Not Safe for Pets” gift tags to warn recipients their gifts shouldn’t be left where curious noses can get into trouble. [insert new downloadable gift tag link on]

Now that you’re prepped for a festive season, get out with your pets and make this the most wonderful time of the year! And don’t forget to spread the holiday cheer by sharing this guide with your fellow pet parents. Happy Holidays!