It’s hard to keep a good thing to yourself. When you cook a holiday meal you want to share it with your loved ones. But sometimes the most loving thing you can do is keep it to yourself, because many holiday dishes pose a serious threat to pets.

Dogs and cats are a part of the family, but they shouldn’t be a part of every holiday tradition. Be sure to keep your pet’s paws off the following Thanksgiving danger dishes!

1. Turkey - Turkey skin can upset your pet’s stomach and the bones can splinter in their throat.

roasted turkey

2. Pecan Pie - Pecan pie may be a family tradition, but pecans can give your pet a tummy ache.

pecan pie

3. Beer - Alcohol in any form is harmful to pets, and is especially dangerous to smaller animals.

glasses of beer

4. Stuffing - Stuffing is a Thanksgiving staple, but consuming large amounts of onions, garlic, leeks and scallions can cause anemia in pets.

bowl of stuffing

5. Brownies - Chocolate isn’t just bad for dogs; cats should stay away from this treat as well!

tray of brownies

6. Raisin Bread - Raisins, grapes included, can be toxic to pets.

raisin bread

7. Cobbler - Xylitol is a common sweetener that can kill pets. So whenever possible, use real sugar in your holiday recipes!


Have a safe Thanksgiving by preparing a pet-friendly menu, because some of our favorite holiday foods are toxic to our four-legged family members. If you decide to serve a danger dish, keep an eye on your pets while you’re cooking, eating and anytime there’s leftovers around.