Back-to-school season is back once again. With the kids away, what’s a cat to do? While these kitties may not be up for studying, they’ll surely miss their young human friends this fall. Check out their efforts to stay together while avoiding all the homework.

1. Where the game goes, I go! You are taking the game, right?

Cat 1..jpg

2. Studying is for the birds. (Wait, I like birds…)

Cat 2..jpg

3. How will you ever manage this without me on your lap?

Cat 3..jpg

4. They’ll never find me if I hide in this laptop!

Cat 4..jpg

5. How much to keep you home? I’ve been saving all summer…

Cat 5..jpg

6. All packed! You didn’t need those black pants with me around anyway.

Cat 6..jpg

7. But you’ll come home to do your laundry, right? I’ll be waiting…

Cat 7..jpg

Don’t worry about the sadness that can come with an empty nest — there are plenty of ways to cope. Check out these fall activities for pets to get the ball rolling, and never forget the power of love and affection you’ll feel simply by spending more quality time with your cat.