Whether your dog loves dressing up or is happy to hang back just greeting the trick-or-treaters, Halloween should be a blast for both you and your pet. These dogs know exactly why October 31st is the greatest day of the year, and they’ve got pictures to prove it.

1. This floofy fellow who’s wondering who the heck ate all his treats.

Dog 1..jpg

2. This good boy turned outlaw for the day.

Dog 2..jpg

3. This witchy woofer who will put a spell on you with those big brown eyes.

Dog 3..jpg

4. This mischievous mutt who’ll get you into the Halloween spirit with that devilish grin.

Dog 4..jpg

5. This pup who’s dressed up all tough but is really all fluff and cuddles.

Dog 5..jpg

6. This good boy who will sit and stay for any portrait involving pumpkins.

Dog 6..jpg

7. This bewitching barker who would rather ride on his broom than go for a walk.

Dog 7..jpg

8. This courageous K-9 who knows safety comes first at any Halloween party.

Dog 8..jpg

9. This adorable arachnid who knows eight legs is better than four.

Dog 9..png

10. This lovable lobster who gets a little crabby on any day that’s not Halloween.

Dog 10..jpg

11. This whimsical witch who’s all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Dog 11..jpg

12. This bumbling beauty who knows that trick-or-treating is the bee’s knees.

Dog 12..jpg

13. And this mopey muffin who just wishes it was Halloween every day.

Dog 13..jpg

Halloween is always better with your pet by your side. Keep them safe, choose costumes that keep your pup’s comfort in mind, and have a ton of fun!

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