We all miss our precious pets when we’re away. “What are they doing?”, “Are they okay?”, “Are they happy with without me?”, are all questions we ask. These pets give us the answer in an adorable listicle of cats and dogs seeing their owners for the first time in a long time.

Every Step of the Way

You can’t miss how much this cat missed her owner because she tells us every step of the way!

Valet Service Dog

Most of us aren’t fancy enough for valet service, but when you have a buddy like this German Shepard, you get a five star greeting every time you open the car door!

Feline from The Rooftops

You might think you miss someone, but are you prepared to scale a rooftop to see them?

I Believe I Can Fly

This kitty missed her owner so much she tries to wave her arms & fly. This must be proof that cats miss us when were gone, right?

Dogs Love Daddy

Some reunions are too rambunctious for the indoors. This doggy had to take it outside when he was reunited with his daddy!

Up Close & Purr-sonal

There’s no such thing as personal space when you’re reunited with family!

Ode to Joy

This dog makes herself heard when it comes to how much she missed her owner! SHE’S SO EXICTED TO SEE HER BEST FRIEND COME HOME, she passes out.

Whether their cat or dog, little or big, pets know how much we love them. How they show is another question, and it’s answered every time we come home.