Felines give us the feels. They’re cute, cuddly and conspicuously uncaring. But hey, their laid back attitude is a part of the reason we love them. Sometimes they’re sentimental and sometimes they play it cool. But how will the following cats act when they see their beloved owners?

Let me tell you how much I missed you.

This owner said it best, “I guess some kitties do miss their owners.”

Armful of feline family

It took a second, but finally we found some enthusiasm! Even a kitty can get excited for a long lost hero!

Up Close & Purr-sonal

There’s no such thing as personal space when you’re reunited with family!

Every Step of the Way

This kitty tells us how much she misses her owner because she tells us every step of the way!

Feline from The Rooftops

You might think you miss someone, but are you prepared to scale a building to see them?

I Believe I Can Fly

This kitty missed her owner so much she tries to wave her arms and fly. This must be proof that cats miss us when were gone, right?

All joking aside, cats make great companions and have plenty of love for their owners. Especially when we’ve been gone for a while. Every animal, like every person, shows their love in different ways. And each way is wonderful!