Some pups and kitties just have an eye for fashion. They know how to look — and stay — cool in the summer heat. There's nothing quite like stylish animals wearing sunglasses. Check out these cats and dogs who show us humans how it's done!

1. Now, do I look cool, or do I look cool?

081814_01Photo Source: Scott Thompson via Flickr

2. I'm ready for the beach! Where are your schnazzy goggles?

081814_02Photo Source: Randy Robertson via Flickr

3. Can I get any cooler with my camo and stylish specs? I didn't think so either.

081814_03Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

4. Whew! All that summer fun zonked me out. Turn off the lights on your way out, please.

081814_04Photo Source: Alisha Vargas via Flickr

5. Photo attempt thwarted! Your puny flash cannot penetrate these shades.

081814_05Photo Source: Steve Voght via Flickr

6. Surf's up in the pool. Catch you later, dude!

081814_06Photo Source: Amanda Smith via Flickr

Of course, not all pets may enjoy wearing human sunglasses, so if you try this with your pet and they resist or look uncomfortable, please keep the shades away.

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