You think you’re good at having fun all summer long, check out the pets in these videos! They swim, splash, run, float, and even surf, as much as their humans will allow. Take a look and see if you and your pet might be inspired to indulge as well.

1. Puppy’s first summer.

Puppy Chow® and The Huffington Post put together this beautiful video of puppies enjoying their first taste of summer — in slow motion for maximum cuteness. Don’t miss it!

2. Cat swimming and floating merrily across a pool.

This cat’s got some experience in the water. She’s great at relaxing and exercising, too. Most cats may not like the water, but the ones that do sure seem to enjoy it enough for the rest of them.

3. Jasper figures out the swimming pool.

With a little encouragement from his owner, this Labrador puppy figures out that he'll have to get wet to fetch that ball. Go, Jasper! You'll grow to love swim time in no time.

4. “Cat Summer,” featuring Grumpy Cat and a few of her besties!

From checking out the slip-n-slide to playing croquet, Grumpy Cat and her friends know how to have fun when summer comes. Check them all out in the Friskies® music video, "Cat Summer." 

5. Cat surfs on swimming dog!

You’ve got to see this to believe it. In the land Down Under, Didga the cat and Ice the dog know how to keep cool — and hang ten at the same time, again and again. What pros!

Because we love our pets so much, we always want to keep them safe. That means supervising your pet near water or other hazards at all times, keeping fresh water on hand, and following these tips for keeping your pet safe in the summer heat. Now let’s all go enjoy summer to the fullest, with our pets!