Need a break from the family festivities? Cheeks sore from Great Aunt Mildred’s pinches? Take a holiday time-out with these comical pets captured in festive scenarios.

1. Bulldogs warming near an open fire

2. And then I was like, “Whoaaa Rudolph, your brights are on!” 

3. Who wore it best?


4. Look, ma! I trimmed myself!


5. Out of all the emotions I’m feeling, peace and joy are not two of them.  


 6. Santa’s over eager helper


 7. My branches are bigger than yours.


 8. So I’m just supposed to hang out here all season then?


9. Be serious, Steve, this one’s for the holiday card. 


10. Santa and Mrs. Claus look a little different this year. 


 11. Don’t mess with the holiday party bouncers


12. These really great sports, not once… 


 13. …but twice.


 14. Feliz Navidog!


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