The holidays are a wonderful time of year to express our love and gratitude for friends and family – and that includes our cats!

Cats are our constant companions day in, and day out throughout the year, making us laugh with their antics and providing the simple joy of their presence. We’re not above treating our pals throughout the year, and we wouldn’t dream of letting the holidays go by without going a little above and beyond. Here are our five great gift ideas that are guaranteed to be the cat’s pajamas:

  1. Catnip Bubbles
    Yes, you heard right! As if catnip weren’t exciting enough for your cat, you can now share the joy of catnip bubbles. Just blow bubbles for your cat to chase and she’ll know what to do, providing interactive fun for the both of you. Catnip Bubbles are available at many pet supply stores.
  2. Laser pointer
    Not just any laser pointer, but an automatic one like the FroliCat Bolt! Just turn it on and let it beam its laser in all directions, providing new leaps and angles for your cat to try out while you watch from a safe distance.
  3. Cat Tipi
    All the stylish cats have one these days! If your cat likes to socialize by hanging out in her own space while in the same room as you, this is a fun way to provide a nook for her to chill out in without cramping your décor style. Available online at the Cat Tipi website.
  4. Window Hammock
    If your cat loves nothing more than sunning herself in the window, or watching the world outside, a window hammock is the perfect gift this holiday. Now she can continue to lead the Neighborhood Watch in comfort.
  5. An Empty Box
    Tried and true – if they fits, they sits. There will be plenty of empty boxes leftover this holiday, and your cat just wants you to know that they all belong to her.

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