Our dogs are such a big part of our families, it’s impossible not to be grateful for them each and every day. But in honor of Thanksgiving, here are eleven pups who want to turn the tables and show their families how thankful they are for everything their humans do.

1. These sleepyheads who love you so much they won’t let you spend time on silly chores like making the bed.

dogs relaxing in bed

2. These pups who care about your well-being and just wanna make sure everything’s okay in there.

dog standing in the bathroom

3. This very responsible babysitter who wants to give you a night off to have a little fun.

dog sitting next to a baby

4. This fanciful fluff who loves you so much he doesn’t even care that you’re not using his favorite color—which is red, for the record.

girl painting a dog's nails

5. These rambunctious rapscallions who love you so much they’ll do anything to keep you from leaving.

man playing with three dogs

6. This drooling doggy who loves you so much he didn’t even eat that perfect, perfect turkey.

dog standing in the kitchen looking at turkey

7. These top chefs who want you to know that every bite they bake is made with love.

two dogs in the kitchen

8. This sweet little helper who just wants to get some chores off your plate so you can play more fetch together.

small dog wanting to help sweep

9. This frugal furball who wants to make sure you’re provided for.

dog in the grocery store

10. This little shreddy bear who’s clipping coupons for you because your budget is very important to him.

dog clipping coupons

11. And this bookish babe who is so glad he gets to live happily ever after with his family.

dog relaxing next to a baby

There’s a million little ways our pets show us how much they love us. Let’s treat everyday like it’s Thanksgiving and let our pups know just how thankful we are to have them.

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