Do you sometimes feel inferior to your feline friends? If not, give them time. All cats seem to trounce their human counterparts at least once in a while! (That is, when they're not busy getting caught in the act.) Check out these 10 funny cat pictures and a few felines sharing their superior "knowledge" with humans.


1. If we block the faucets, the Human cannot bathe us.

Photo Source: Susan Salomé

2. What? I’m just scrolling through some craft ideas on my tabby-let.

Photo Source: Becky Stern via Flickr

3. You're flat.

Photo Source: Constanza Mella via Flickr

4. You will work after you feed me.

Photo Source: Douglas Woods via Flickr

5. Words of wisdom: When life hands you a tree full of lemons, climb it.

Photo Source: Barbara Müller-Walter via Flickr

6. I’ll make you a deal. You can save your money and pay your rent on my railroad with the equivalent number of Friskies treats.

Photo Source: businessplans via Morguefile

7. See that little thingy, Hank? They call that a MOUSE.

cats with a laptop and books


8. See?! Right there, under "Feline". It says "King, Dictator Supreme, Ruler of all he surveys."

cat on a dictionary


9. Musical genius is a process, human.

cat on a piana


10. Maybe don't question how I got up here so much as start helping me get down.

cat on top of a door

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