The words exercise and cat aren’t typically words you hear together. But maybe you should. Making sure your cat receives a daily dose of exercise is vital to her long-term health. In fact, overweight cats are four times more likely to develop diabetes mellitus Type 2 compared to cats of average weight.

To ensure your cat remains in tip-top shape, here are a few ideas to get her moving:

#1 Plenty of Toys:

Most cats get bored with the same old toys. Make sure you keep a variety to hold their interest. A healthy diet of playing will also help improve cardiovascular health.

#2 Leash Training:

Cats are actually very trainable. If you have time, and the patience, you can train your feline friend to walk on a leash just like your dog. Leash training your cat will not only allow for more outdoor adventures together, but will help keep your cat fit and trim.  

#3 Hiking:

Once your cat is leash trained, it’s time to step things up another notch. Instead of taking short walks around the yard or neighborhood, try bringing her on a hiking adventure. Hiking is always better with a friendly companion by your side.  

#4 Play Treats:

Is your kitty treat motivated? Give the Friskies Pull N’ Play a try! Simply fill Wobbert, the wobbly cat toy, up with the edible string, and she’ll be busy for hours!

#5 Laser Pointer:

A great way to get your cat pouncing is by flashing a laser pointer beam all over the room. If you don’t have a laser pointer, you can use a flashlight. 

#6 Agility Training:

Most people think of agility as an activity for dogs—not cats. That’s simply not the case any longer. Teaching your cat agility will not only help keep her active, but it will also help strengthen the bond between you.

#7 Ribbon Game:

What cat doesn’t like the ribbon game? Simply twirl the ribbon through the air and watch your cat bounce to-and-fro.

We recommend that you would pick a few of these options and work them into your daily routine. Additionally, it’s also vital that you control your cat’s daily food intake. To find the right nutrition for your cat, check out this cat food selector and find the purr-fect food for your furry friend.