Cats and children are great for each other. By playing and spending time together, both learn valuable lessons about how to be great family members.

Beyond simple play, cats have been shown to actually help children heal. Just being around cats — and especially touching and playing with them — can help raise the spirits of children who are grappling with health issues much too soon.

The Healing Power of Cats

Check out this inspiring story about Billy the cat, rescued from an abandoned house, and Fraser, a two-year-old autistic child with a multitude of problems, who met at a cat protection shelter. The day they met, Billy purred, laid his paws across Fraser, and they have been inseparable ever since. Slowly but surely, Billy has transformed Fraser's life. Watch and see for yourself:

It’s clear that there’s a special connection between kids and cats, and that it goes beyond just fun and games. Cats provide children with a lifetime of growth, learning, and happiness — and as this video shows, can even help them heal.

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