Back-to-school season can be bittersweet for parents and dogs alike. Getting time back to yourself can be a welcome relief, but the house can seem awfully quiet after a family-filled summer.

Here are a few ways to ease the empty nest blues for you and your fluff nugget.

Put ’Em to Work

Bringing your dog to work is great for both you and your furball. Animals are known to melt away stress and can help keep the office mood relaxed. Plus we’ve never met a dog that would say no to spending the whole day with his best friend, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

If your office is already welcoming to pets, you’re halfway there! But if pets are uncharted territory for your workplace, then getting started can be as easy as a talk with your supervisor. Let them know about all the amazing benefits of a pet-friendly office — from offering a boost to employee morale to lightening the mood in an often emotional atmosphere.

Suggest trying out a Bring Your Pet to Work Day to test the waters. Offer to organize the kickoff event and create a tip sheet for coworkers to make sure everything runs smoothly. A trial run will make sure that your company is a perfect fit!

Check out this toolkit with helpful materials to get your employer and colleagues on board.

Keep ’Em Busy

If bringing your pup to work just isn’t an option, there are still plenty of ways to ease the transition from full house to empty nest for you and your buddy.

Start with lots and lots of exercise. An extra walk can help burn off that excess energy your dog spent playing with the kids. Or try keeping him occupied while the kids are gone with a brand new toy. Pick up one of the more complicated puzzle toys, and the kids will be back before your dog even notices their absence.

Even something as simple as music can help your pup relax. Try calming classical to help him get used to a quieter house.

Back-to-school can take a little adjustment for everyone, but spending extra quality time with your dog — whether at the office or at home — can help you and your furball pass this transitional time with flying colors.