When warm weather calls, you're ready to hit the road. What better way to spend your travel time than with some of your favorite companions — your pets!

If you do plan to spend some vacation time with your dog or cat, you might need to get creative to make sure your pet is properly hydrated. Getting plenty of water is crucial for your pet, both for survival and for his or her long-term health.

Here are a few ways to ensure your pet gets the water he or she needs while traveling:

Use Travel Water Bowls

Treating your dog or cat to her own personal water dish for the road is the best way to make sure he or she stays hydrated. What you may not know is just how many options there are for travel water bowls these days. From collapsible fabric bowls to pet water bottles that hang from your belt or backpack, a whole range of products are available for your thirsty pet.

Switch to Wet Food

If your usual pet food is a dry kibble, think about switching to wet food while you're on the road. Wet food can contain up to 80 percent more moisture than dry food, which can do a lot to keep your pet hydrated. Of course, you should start making the transition to wet food a week or two before you leave the house so your pet's digestive system can get used to the change.

Moisten Dry Food

An alternative to feeding your dog or cat wet food while you travel is to start adding a sprinkle of water to your pet's usual dry food. This can be especially useful for cats, who can be finicky about changes in their diets. Your pet might really appreciate the tasty added "gravy" the water makes when added to the dry food, too.

Give Ice Cubes as Treats

Some dogs love ice cubes. When you stop for a break during a road trip, consider getting your pup her own cup of ice. She can eat a few while stretching her legs or even while in her travel crate in the car.

Stop Often

Whichever method you use to keep your pet hydrated, make sure you take regular breaks from your travels so that your pet can get some exercise, relieve himself or herself, and get plenty of water. A pet that may be reluctant to drink water in the car will appreciate a few extra minutes to drink up during a roadside pause.

By following these few simple tips, you can help keep your pet healthy and hydrated while you travel this summer.