National Treasure

The Turkish Angora originated in Ankara — formerly known as Angora — the capital of Turkey as early as the 16th century. With looks similar to a Persian, the Turkish Angora was used in Persian breeding programs in the 1900s, causing its endangerment as a separate breed. Turkey, however, considered the Turkish Angora a national treasure and established a breeding program at the Ankara Zoo to ensure these cats did not become extinct.
In the 1950s, American servicemen discovered the Turkish Angora at the Ankara Zoo, returning home to let out the secret of these outgoing, affectionate cats. The first Turkish Angoras — a white male named “Yildiz” and a white female called “Yildizcek” — were imported to the U.S. from the Ankara Zoo in 1962 and became the foundation for the breed in America. In 1972, the Turkish Angora gained full breed recognition by the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

‘Ballerina of the Cat Fancy’

It’s been said that the regal, charming Turkish Angora will quickly dance her way into your heart with her elegance and grace, thus being referred to as the “ballerina of the cat fancy.” The Turkish Angora has a silky long coat and fluffy tail. Underneath the coat, which rarely mats and requires little grooming, her body is long and slender with fine boning and solid muscle. Her pointed, wedge-shaped head is crowned with intelligent eyes and erect ears. Well-balanced and lithe with round, dainty paws, the Turkish Angora has a smooth, fluid movement. White is the most popular color, but her coat can also be tabby, bicolored, or another solid color such as black, blue, red, or cream.

Friendly Feline

The Turkish Angora is one of the most outgoing and affectionate breeds of the cat fancy. Adaptable, loving and playful, she is a good fit for families with children, senior adults, and other pets. The Turkish Angora enjoys interacting with her human companions, plus any guests. Her natural hunting instinct is bound to kick in sooner or later, so don’t be alarmed if your Turkish Angora goes sailing across the house in pursuit of toys. This energetic, agile breed also enjoys heights, often perching atop the highest point she can find in the house. She can be demanding of your attention, so be sure to give your Turkish Angora plenty of it!