Sibling to the Abyssinian

One glance at the Somali, and you may think she looks like the Abyssinian. In that case, you’re on the right track! The Somali actually is a longhaired descendent of the Abyssinian, having originated in the early 20th century from a recessive gene in the breed. After World War II, the Abyssinian became a rare breed. The Somali was developed in the 1960s and 1970s to fill that void. In fact, the Somali’s name represents the breed’s connection to the Abyssinian, as she was named for Somalia, which borders Ethiopia, formerly known as Abyssinia.

Little Fox

With her ticked, dramatically colored coat, fully plumed tail and striking facial markings, the Somali closely resembles a small fox. She is an athletic, medium-sized cat with gentle contours, good proportions and solid muscle. Her head is slightly rounded and wedge shaped, marked by broad, pointed ears and expressive, almond-shaped eyes ranging in color from green to copper. The Somali’s medium-length coat is soft and finely textured with tufts of hair peeking out from between her toes.

Colorful Personality

Just like her coloration, the Somali also has a vibrant personality. The Somali is intelligent and playful, keeping you entertained with her endless clownlike antics for hours. Lively and alert, she prefers to stay actively engaged with her human companions. The naturally graceful and curious Somali loves attention, is seemingly always in motion, and is persistent and quick witted. This mischievous cat is fascinated by heights and water, so don’t be alarmed if you discover her perched atop the tallest vantage point she can find or exploring in the bathroom near the shower or toilet!