If you’re looking for a constant source of entertainment, look no further than the Abyssinian. After all, there’s a reason this playful character is nicknamed the “Aby-silly-an”! The Abyssinian is always on the prowl to fuel her sky-high energy and curiosity levels. Agile and athletic, she’ll propel herself to great heights to survey her surroundings. When she’s not entertaining others, the Abyssinian loves sitting in the window to be charmed by birds and anything else that moves outside. Although seemingly tireless, the Abyssinian is happiest when surrounded by her human family and does enjoy the occasional snuggle after calling it a day.


Retaining a kittenlike temperament well into her adult and senior years, the Bengal closely matches the energy level of the Energizer Bunny. She’s confident her human companions should do the same, so she continually engages them with playtime and entertains them with her endless antics. The inquisitive, rambunctious Bengal is a busybody by nature, preferring to occupy her time by clinging to her human family’s side during waking hours. The Bengal isn’t afraid of heights and will climb and investigate her way to the highest vantage point she can find. There’s no doubt the Bengal has a wild personality that complements her exotic appearance.


The Ocicat is so outgoing and friendly, it’s easy to confuse this confident cat’s temperament for that of a dog’s! Full of energy and sociable, the Ocicat thrives on being around her human companions and doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. This bright feline can be taught to play fetch and never turns down a friendly tug-of-war competition with her favorite toy. Fearless and athletic, the Ocicat revels in leaping to daunting heights, so don’t be alarmed if you happen to find her perched atop the refrigerator! After a busy day, she’ll eagerly seek a lap to curl up on and get some shut eye.


This playful and spirited breed has a vibrant personality that’s as colorful as her coat! Lively, bold and highly energetic, the Oriental will attach herself to one person, forming a close bond with him or her. After a long day at home alone, this chatty cat will eagerly greet you at the door before chirping and trilling after you. Nothing is off limits to this mischievous feline that naturally combines curiosity with intelligence to investigate anything and everything. The Oriental fares well in homes with children and other pets, plus plenty of action and commotion.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is the consummate hostess, eagerly welcoming strangers and acquaintances alike into the home. After that, be ready to give her plenty of love and attention, or she’ll show off some of her most amusing tricks until you do! The Turkish Angora is extremely agile, helping her to leap to the tallest of perches she can scout. She’s a hunter by nature and will put those innate skills to good use by running around the house in pursuit of her favorite toy. It’s no wonder the Turkish Angora is considered one of the most outgoing and affectionate breeds of the cat fancy!


Photo Credit: Barbara Mazur, Gemstone Bengals