Adding a new dog to your brood can be a rewarding yet sometimes difficult experience, especially if pets are already in the mix. Although animals have been known to forge unexpected friendships across both breed and species, when deciding what furry friend fits into your family, it’s wise to consider breeds known for playing well with others. If you are looking for a pup to easily become a part of your pack, look no further than these pet-friendly breeds.

Australian Shepherd

When looking into the electric blue eyes of an Australian Shepherd, it's easy to forget that you're looking into a dog's eyes. Their keen problem solving and natural ability to think independently give the Aussie a human-like intelligence. Eager to please, these adaptable dogs are known for their good-natured personalities. Aussies are readily trainable and thrive working with their owners in the field or on the agility course.


The Collie is a classic breed known for its intelligence and devotion. Their steady and pleasant nature makes them great for families with pets. Surprisingly mellow, the Collie does not require a lot of exercise. Although they will not turn their nose up at a walk, they also appreciate downtime with their families. Beautiful and pensive, it is no wonder that the Collie captivates his human companions.

Portuguese Water Dog

This highly energetic and agreeable breed is ideal for families on the go. Always up for an adventure, this loyal and brave dog can spend his day hiking, swimming or exploring, yet come home peppy enough to entertain his family with his lighthearted personality. The Portie’s high level of energy means the breed enjoys regular physical and mental exercise. Even-tempered and stable, the Portuguese Water Dog is a trustworthy breed that can make a great playmate for your pets.

English Springer Spaniel

It can be said that the English Springer Spaniel has never met a stranger. This outgoing, charismatic breed is at ease meeting new pets and people. Treasured by outdoorsmen for their ability to effortlessly transition between a sporting and a house dog, English Springer Spaniels have the endurance to work long days and the affection to make for a loving pet. An athletic, energetic breed, English Springer Spaniels need daily exercise to avoid boredom.

Shetland Sheepdog

The Sheltie may act demure at first, but eventually they become extremely devoted and attentive companions. Shelties can form such strong bonds with their owner that they seem be able to read their minds. This bond means that Shelties can become rather dependent on their owners and prefer to constantly be near their human companions. With a sharp mind and a strong herding instinct, Shelties are especially trainable and happiest when given a job.

When considering a breed to add to your brood, take a good look at all of these!

Photo Credit: Bob Plucker