Cats and water. They just don't mix. Most cats would rather do anything — play with dogs, play with the vacuum cleaner, anything — than get near water. However, some cats not only don't mind getting wet — they love it!

Here are a few cat breeds that are known to enjoy a good splash now and then. And summer is the perfect time to cool down with a little water play. Remember, though, that even cats of the same breed have their own particular preferences. If your Maine Coon or Angora hates water, don't upset her by getting her wet.

Maine Coon

Some people say that the Maine Coon, a breed of feline from New England, is more dog than cat. For one thing, these cats are known to follow their owners from room to room, like a puppy.

For another, they like water. Many of these cats drink by dipping their paws into their water dish and scooping it to their mouths. They might also "wash" their toys in their water dish. Some Maine Coons learn to turn on the faucet so they can play with the water!

Turkish Angora

A second breed of cat that loves the water is the sleek and beautiful Turkish Angora. Some owners say that as soon as they turn on the water for a shower, their Angora comes running. More remarkable, some of these pets will jump into the shower with their owners.


Those who watch nature shows know that the Bengal Tiger likes the water. These big jungle cats are not afraid to swim, and can travel 18 miles by water in a single day.

The breed of house cat that shares the same name also enjoys a bit of water play. These pets enjoy batting floating objects, whether it's a toy in the bathtub or an ice cube in their water dish. Like the Angora, don't be surprised if your Bengal joins you for a shower!

American Shorthair

One more cat breed that tends to like the water is the American Shorthair. In fact, some of these pets are downright fascinated by it. Turn on your sink, and your Shorthair might beg you to get involved! She'll bat at the water stream or stare at it with the same intensity other cats save for birds.

Your Cat

If you own one of these breeds of cat, chances are good you've got a water lover on your hands. But even if you don't, you may still find your pet strangely attracted to sinks and baths. Isn't it these little oddities and funny behaviors that makes having a cat so special? If you have a cat that can't get enough of getting wet, why not tell us about it in the comments?