While most people visit their local shelter to adopt a cat, Thomas Hamilton's cat adopted him! Here's their uncanny story.

1. How long have you been a pet owner, and what kind of pets have you owned?

My love of pets began with pet frogs when I was 8 years old, eventually moving on to turtles. I got my first cat when I was 12 and named him Kit Carson. He took up residence under the bathroom sink.

2. Tell me more about Blaze.

Some time ago, I began feeding a large, black cat with a white streak on his forehead — hence his name Blaze — outside my bedroom window. One day I walked into my bedroom to find him rolling around gleefully on my bed. He had pushed the window open and came in on his own! I took him to a vet, and he checked out healthy. Today, he lurks near my front door, jumping onto the filing cabinet to demand that anyone, coming or going, should stop to pet him. If you don't, he's likely to pet you anyhow!

Blaze is funny, too. When I put out fresh food, he just lies on his favorite chair watching as the other cats — Bettina, always first to the food bowl, Licorice, Gummi Bear, Midnight, Jackie, and Razzle — crowd around. When he decides they've had enough, he gets up, shoos them away, and eats. They can return when he's done, of course, but he prefers to eat alone.

3. What do you love about owning pets, and what makes them so lovable?

Jackie thinks I'm a great mattress, while Razzle curls up next to my pillow. They are very affectionate. I can trust my pets far more than most humans.

4. How has adopting Blaze made your life richer?

While all my cats are rescues, Blaze's adoption was unique in that he more or less adopted me! He is the most vocal of all my cats and always has something to say about what's going on. If I turn a light on, he comments. If I turn it off, he still has something to say about it.

5. Can you share a cute story about Blaze?

Blaze is the only creature on this planet who enjoys my singing. I'm so bad at it that the music teacher in my high school accused me of being deliberately disrespectful when he first heard my artless croak! I have made up songs about "Blaze cats," with frequent reference to the "Laser Cat" shorts on Saturday Night Live.

Thank you, Thomas!

Petcentric appreciates your one-of-a-kind story of how you came to adopt a cat — or rather, how he came to adopt you!