When Faye Rapoport DesPres spotted a large orange cat in her backyard, she knew she had to bring him to her local shelter. Here's the inspiring story of Frazier's recovery and adoption:

1. How long have you worked with pets, and what kind of pets have you owned?

I have been an animal lover all my life and have always lived with pets. As a child, we had one or two dogs and a few cats. I have been volunteering for about eight years.

2. Tell me a little more about Frazier.

I spotted Frazier in my backyard a few years ago. When I noticed that one eye appeared to be injured and one ear was bent, I decided I had to find a way to bring him in for medical help. With the help of another volunteer, I was able to bring him to the Gifford Cat Shelter in Brighton, Massachusetts.

Frazier was FIV positive, had a badly injured eye and ear, and had a fungal infection on his paws. He required surgery to have the injured eye removed and was quarantined for six months.

He's also a total teddy bear. He has the loudest purr, and volunteers could sit in a chair by his bed and pet him or brush him. There was always something special about him, from his lopsided ear and one-eyed stare to that huge purr. He is such a survivor.

The shelter director was concerned no one would want a one-eyed cat with FIV, but competing applications to adopt him came in immediately. He went home with Karen, one of the shelter's volunteers, and she reports that he is now a happy, healthy cat who loves his new home.

3. What do you love about pets, and what makes them so lovable?

Animals have no malice. They just want to be safe and cared for. They can be fun and funny or gentle and calming, but they return any love you give them a thousandfold. If you treat them well, their companionship is unconditional.

4. How has knowing Frazier made your life and the lives of others at your shelter richer?

Knowing that I was able to help has been all I could ask for in return. I think the volunteers at the shelter got the satisfaction of knowing they played a part in saving a very special life.

As for Karen, she gets the best reward: Seeing Frazier happy and healthy and having him as a companion for the rest of his life!

5. Can you share a cute story about Frazier?

One day, while Frazier was still under quarantine, a kitten slipped into Frazier's room when the door was open. A volunteer spotted the kitten and was worried that huge, tough Frazier might harm the little one. Instead, Frazier started giving the kitten a bath!

Thanks, Faye!

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