Christine from Winthrop, Massachusetts, has a very special cat named Bella. One day Christine's daughter, Briana, suffered a seizure in the basement of her home where no one could hear her. Alone and afraid, Briana worried that her situation was becoming dire. Luckily, Bella, knew what to do — she swooped in to help save the young girl just in the nick of time. Here's their furry tale of heroism and gratitude.

1. How long has Bella been living with you?

Bella has been living with us since she was a flea-bitten newborn kitty, born in the "wild" under our front-yard bush. I adopted out the other three kittens in the litter and decided to keep the last one — our dear Bella. She is now 13 years old.

2. Can you tell us more about her?

She is a loving and affectionate cat, although she doesn't really like getting picked up. When anyone comes to the door, she will run right up to them and try to get their attention by "meow-talking" to them and looking up at them with her wide, glossy eyes. She's not the kind of kitty that goes running under the bed when someone new comes in!

3. How has owning Bella made your life richer?

Bella saved my daughter from a horrifying medical situation. My daughter was in the basement of the home when she began to have a seizure. When she has seizures, she can completely pass out and hit her head. One time she even fell down a flight of stairs. When she wakes up, she's totally disoriented and fearful.

As she began to feel the seizure coming on, she started screaming for her father. He was two flights up in his room with the door closed, so he couldn't hear her. Bella, however, knew she was in trouble.

Briana's father will tell you Bella started going nuts outside his door — meowing crazily, like he had never heard before. He opened his door to see why she was making such a commotion, and, in doing so, heard Briana crying for help. That Bella would come to her rescue like this is pretty amazing!

4. What makes her so lovable?

Bella now lives with my ex-husband and three grown daughters. I make it a habit to go visit her at least once a week. I pet her, brush her, and clean her litter box. She always greets me like she has every other day of her life, never making me feel like I abandoned her. I love her for the steadfast devotion she has toward me.

5. Can you share a cute story about Bella?

She's so funny! She has such a unique way of drinking from her water bowl, cupping the water from the bowl in her paw and bringing it to her mouth. My ex-husband says she jumps on the sink, pushes the faucet handle to let the water flow, and does the same thing.

Thanks for this Furry Five, Christine!

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