A modern twist on a classic breed, the Exotic is a cat that includes all the glamour and sophistication of her cousin, the Persian, but with just a fraction of the upkeep. Although these cats look highbrow, the Exotic is a down-to-earth, easygoing feline that fits easily into most homes.

New Kid in Town

For three decades, the Persian reigned over the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s registry as the most popular cat breed in the U.S., but in 2014, the Exotic took her place on the throne. The new kid in town, the Exotic originated in the 1950s with the goal of replicating the style and appeal of the Persian with one slight variation — a short coat. The breed’s signature coat gives owners the charms of feline royalty with the flexibility to fit into our hectic, modern lives.

Persian in PJs

Known as a “dressed-down Persian,” the Exotic resembles her ancestors from her round, muscular build to her wide, flat face. The only difference is a short, soft coat that gives this cat a plush look. The Exotic’s beautiful coat can be a wide array of colors and requires only weekly brushing to look its best. Although her coat is low-maintenance, the Exotic’s ultra-short muzzle may need some care, such as wiping her face after meals to help keep her folds clean. A medium to large cat, the Exotic can weigh up to 15 pounds, but don’t call her fat — much of the weight the Exotic carries is in her solid muscles and dense bones.

Warm and Affectionate

Peaceful and relaxed, the elegant Exotic makes a charming lap cat with a quiet demeanor. Affectionate by nature, this cat loves getting up close and personal with her human companions, especially when greeting them after time apart. Although likely to closely bond with one person, her laidback attitude allows her to easily adapt to busier households.

A tad more energetic than her relatives, the Exotic enjoys jumping after toys and occasional games of “chasing the red dot.” Her unique, flat face makes her susceptible to respiratory problems and sensitive to heat, so extra considerations should be made to keep the Exotic healthy. If adding an Exotic to your home, you can expect hours of quiet companionship, warm greetings, and the occasional happy, wet nose in your face.

Photo Credit: Tiahna Hiller