Some of us might know what it's like to adopt a kitten: You visit the local animal shelter and smile at all the little ones as you try to pick the perfect kitten to bring home. But have you ever wondered what all of those adorable kittens are thinking as you walk past? Let's take a look at what adoption might look like from a kitten's point of view...

1. A new face!

1Photo Source: dtydontstop via Flickr

Hey! Who's this new person wandering around my neighborhood? I sure hope he's the purr-fect companion.

2. Time for our play date.

2Photo Source: Belal Khan via Flickr

He's coming to meet me! I get to show off my vivacious personality and have fun playing with someone new.

3. He picked me!

4Photo Source: _sikander via Flickr

He chose me to go home with him! I'm so excited.

4. Nice. My own personal chauffeur. 

4Photo Source: David Martyn Hunt via Flickr

After all the excitement today, I'm ready to see my new home.

5. Home at last!

5Photo Source: Brian Snelson via Flickr

 So many new sounds and scents to explore, and my very own window sill to defend. Stay back, pesky curtains!

6. It's a dream come true.

6Photo Source: allison via Flickr

My new favorite place to be is cuddled up in my new best friend's lap. Purr-fect!

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