If you’re looking for a dog breed that will mesh well with your own unique personality, there are several ways to go. Before you begin, you’ll want to consider who's in your household, how much space and free time you have, and what kind of relationship you want with your dog. Then you’ll be able to assess the breeds you’re most interested in, or spin the wheel and see which breeds come up based on your search criteria.

If you’re just looking for a great family dog, start with our Best Cat & Dog Breeds for Families article. It covers six dog breeds, and explains in detail why each breed is great for families.

If you’re curious about which breeds other prospective dog owners are considering, we have the dish on the five most popular dog breeds.

Dog Breed Personalities Chart

If you have some breeds already in mind, you can check out the American Kennel Club's official breeds list, complete with pictures and personality traits for dozens of dog breeds. At a glance, you can get a picture of what any of these breeds are like.

Would you rather spin the wheel? Try our very own dog breed finder. 

Dog Breed Finder

Our dog breed library allows you to choose a breed based on characteristics like size, energy level, etc., but if you want to go the personality route, you’re better off using our dog breed finder

You can look for a dog that loves long walks and runs, or one that’s happy with indoor playtime. Make a few more selections and the breed finder will tell you which breeds match your criteria. Our dog breed finder really is the quickest and easiest way to see which breeds match your particular preferences. 

Once you've found a dog breed you want and are ready to adopt, head on over to Petfinder to start your search! Mixed breed dogs make fine options as well. Whichever breed you choose, your new furry friend is sure to love his new home with you.