Meet Bardot, the amazing diving dog, and her owner, Christine Blum. Named after the bikini-clad film star, Brigitte Bardot, this 4-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever has yet to meet a pool of water she doesn't want to splash in.

Here is what Christine has to say about life with her underwater dog:

1. Tell us about Bardot and how she started diving.

As a pool owner, I wanted to make sure she was safe around the water. I introduced her to it by holding her in just a few inches. It wasn't long after that she just took off swimming without any fear or hesitation.


Bardot is full of energy and in constant need of exercise. I was looking for a way to fulfill that need, but Bardot told me what she wanted herself through her love of the water. I decided to try a dock-diving dog class. They had set up a ramp to ease the dogs into the water. Bardot ignored it completely and took a running leap instead. The instructor said, "This one has potential."

2. How have you bonded through diving and how has it changed your life?

Before Bardot, I had another dog, and we worked together as a therapy team. I wanted to do the same with Bardot, but had to find something that fit her energy level. Since we're both more at home in the water than out, that was clearly the answer. Now we're developing a program to work with patients undergoing aqua therapy.


3. What does Bardot get out of diving?

Bardot loves the water. She's in the pool every day. Sometimes she goes in just to swim around. I usually have to signal her that it's time to get out or she will want to keep going and going.


It's also therapeutic for her. As a puppy, she had a condition where her kneecaps slipped. I was initially told only surgery could cure it. A specialist suggested water therapy, and she hasn't had any issues since.

4. Can you share a funny story about Bardot?

The first time I threw a ball for her to jump in and fetch, it sank to the bottom and rolled to the deep end. Bardot gave me a look and I ran to grab the pool net to fish it out. Suddenly I heard a splash and turned to find Bardot nowhere in sight.


I started to panic until she resurfaced, ball in mouth and ready to do it again.

5. What's your advice to owners interested in teaching their dogs to dive?

I can't stress safety enough. Not every dog can swim and dive like this. Take it slow and give your dog time to explore the water. Talk to your veterinarian about what precautions you should take.


Thank you, Christine!

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All photos courtesy of Christine Blum via Facebook.