It was a kitten rescue like no other. A Cox Communications employee at a San Diego warehouse heard some tiny noises coming from a box. He quickly opened it and was shocked to find a pair of newborn kittens inside.

It was a stroke of good luck that the kittens ended up where they did. There was another employee in the warehouse who had a nephew who worked for the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA, which is one of the few kitten rescue facilities in North America capable of providing such young kittens with 24-hour care.

Newborn Kittens

The cats were so young when they arrived at the shelter — according to Stacey Zeitlin, senior director of communications and community engagement for the San Diego Humane Society — that they still had their umbilical cords attached.

At first, the kittens' future was in doubt. "They were not doing well. They had diarrhea, which is dangerous in kittens because they can lose a lot of weight," said Zeitlin. "A weight drop can mean life or death for a kitten that young."

But with proper care and 24-hour monitoring, the kittens — since named Mouse and Wifi because they were found in a box full of Internet hardware — are doing much better. "They're small for their age, but otherwise healthy and normal," said Zeitlin. "They are just now beginning to explore and play with toys, so we have not seen their real personalities yet."

Healthy and Having Fun

It's likely that Mouse and Wifi will always be small, but they should have no other lasting effects from their harrowing journey. They are using their litter box and eating dry food.

In most cases, kittens are eligible for adoption once they reach eight weeks of age. But if you're looking to adopt Mouse and Wifi, you'd better get in line! As of the writing of this article, the shelter had set up a form on its website that people can use to get a chance at adopting them. Although the shelter would prefer to have them both go to the same home, said Zeitlin, they would consider separating them if it makes for a better fit. And if you can't adopt them but want to help, don't worry — the shelter also takes donations.

For now, though, the two are together 24-7. "We keep cats with their littermates and even match singletons up with a buddy," said Zeitlin. "It's the best way to socialize them. They learn important things from one another, like bite inhibition."

Nobody knows exactly how the kittens wound up at the San Diego warehouse. The box they were in was delivered from a similar warehouse in Hollywood about 120 miles away. The best guess is that a feral cat living in the Hollywood warehouse was hiding her kittens in the box when she was disturbed and fled. A distracted employee then sealed the box and sent it on its way.

Mouse and Wifi are two lucky kittens, discovered and rescued thanks to the sharp hearing of one perceptive warehouse employee! Do you have any amazing rescue stories? Share them with us in the comments!