No yard? No problem! Not only are these apartment-approved breeds quiet neighbors and comfortable with small spaces, they also have the style and sophistication of cosmopolitan canines. These breeds truly are a city slicker’s best friend.

Bichon Frise

Affectionately called the “White Powder Puff,” this amiable dog makes a wonderful family pet. Although he is small — weighing 11 pounds at most — he has a considerable amount of energy and will comically tear around the house in what is fondly known as the “Bichon Blitz.” Short daily walks or romps in the dog park are all it takes to exercise this lively little dog. Afterward, expect your Bichon to want to curl up in your lap.

Brussels Griffon

Clever and loyal, the Brussels Griffon is as well-known for his inquisitive personality as for his human-like expression. Not your typical pampered Toy dog, the “Griff,” as he is fondly called, is tenacious and lively. He is content with indoor play provided he gets a walk around the block from time to time, in addition to a weekly brushing. This loyal dog is well-suited for apartment life, as long as he gets to spend plenty of time with his family.

Chinese Crested

This famous hairless breed may be the most fashionable dog in the big city. Small in size and low in energy, the Chinese Crested — also known for its coated powderpuff variety — is content indoors. When he does feel the need to step out, the hairless variety may require sunscreen or a sweater to protect his skin from the elements. Alert and lively, this little dog is also quite spunky.

Coton de Tulear

The bright and charming Coton de Tulear may hold the distinction of being the “Official Dog of Madagascar,” but this versatile dog is just as happy in the concrete jungle. Named for his soft, fluffy coat’s remarkable resemblance to cotton, the Coton is a striking, pure white dog known for his clownish antics. Although his coat needs regular grooming, this dog’s gentle nature makes him an undemanding companion. Lighthearted and animated, the Coton de Tulear is happiest when entertaining his family.

French Bulldog

A small dog with a big personality, the French Bulldog is an affectionate, playful companion. Perfect for apartments, he is happiest spending time with his favorite person and enjoying occasional exercise. Grooming a Frenchie also is a breeze, as his short coat does not require much brushing. However, the wrinkles that make this breed so adorable should be cleaned regularly to keep the Frenchie happy and healthy.

Yorkshire Terrier

The tiny Yorkshire Terrier weighs no more than 7 pounds. Small yet energetic, he is known as the “Tomboy Toy” because of his animated curiosity. Extremely loyal, the “Yorkie” — as he often is lovingly called — prefers the company of his owner over anyone else. At full length, his long, silky coat requires daily grooming, but can be kept at a more manageable puppy clip. Adaptable and devoted, the Yorkie is a protective companion that needs daily interaction.


Photo Credit: Jessica McIntyre