The resiliency of animals is one of the many reasons we love them. Nothing keeps them down — and these rescued dogs and puppies are no exception! These five furry hounds were found and rehabilitated by animal-loving rescue workers, foster families, and volunteers.

Get ready to fall in love with Woody, Slim Jim, Darcy, Flint, and Marvin.

1. Meet Woody! When his owner passed away, Woody was left to live under a shed until Hope for Paws Animal Rescue Organization, a Los Angeles–based group, stepped in to find him a home.

01_WOODY_PIPhoto Source: Eldad Hagar via Pinterest

2. Meet Slim Jim! This handsome Boxer is now healthy and happy after receiving care from the volunteers at Noah's Hope Animal Rescue. Slim Jim has since been adopted and is in love with his furever home in the Midwest!

02_Slim -JimPhoto Source: Noah's Hope Animal Rescue via Facebook

3. Meet Darcy! This little lady suffered a serious case of mange at the time of her rescue. After two weeks in a foster home and access to veterinary care, Darcy perked up and recovered her shiny black coat.

03_Photo Source: Khymn Meckley via Pinterest

4. Meet Flint! A good Samaritan saw Flint running in the street. After scooping up the frightened pup, Flint was given a flea-removing bath and heartworm treatment and was ultimately rewarded with a loving family.

04_Photo Source: Ginger Elaine Frodsham via Pinterest

5. Meet Marvin! When Big Fluffy Dog Rescue received this five-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, he had pneumonia and mange. A few months of foster care have helped him mend and become ready for adoption on the East Coast.

05_Marvin _dog _rescuePhoto Source: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue via Facebook

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