Born and bred in the U.S., these amazing felines are independent, adventurous, and loyal. If you are considering adding a new cat to your home this summer, take a look at these American-bred felines.

American Bobtail

Loving and intelligent with a distinctive wild appearance, the American Bobtail is a playful cat that easily bonds with her family. Bred from naturally bobtailed feral cats, the American Bobtail is an athletic feline that still enjoys showing off her hunting skills by strutting around with an expertly captured toy. A low-maintenance cat, her coat can be any length or color and requires little grooming.

American Curl

An alert, perky breed, the American Curl is named for her unique ears that curl back in a graceful arc. With her stylishly arched ears and luxurious plumed tail, the American Curl is a fashionable cat with an outgoing personality. Curious and intelligent, the American Curl enjoys being with her family and inserts herself into whatever activity her favorite people are doing.

American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is affectionate, active, and independent. Known for her springy, crimped coat, which spontaneously emerged from a mutation in a single kitten from upstate New York, the American Wirehair is a kinky-coated cutie that makes a great companion.

Maine Coon

The oldest U.S. native breed and the only pedigree cat to be an official state cat, the Maine Coon is a true American feline. Known as a “gentle giant,” this large and hardy cat originated in Maine, where she was named the official state cat in 1985. Once a rustic barn cat prized for her mousing ability, this charming and docile feline now earns her keep as a beloved family companion.


Although she may look like she just stepped out of the Amazon, the exotic-looking Ocicat is 100 percent house cat. This energetic, friendly breed first appeared from an experimental breeding in Berkley, Michigan, in 1964. Known for her puppy-like behavior, the Ocicat can be trained to play fetch, come when called, and walk on a leash. A true companion, the Ocicat is happiest when she is with her family.


Photo Credit: Anna Davidson