September 21–27 was Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week! Sometimes the things that make pets different also make them the most special. These pets are looking for just the right furever home. Could that home be yours?

1. Reina is on an epic quest for love and friendship... and someone to give her her medicine twice a day. You shall not pass... up on giving this dog a great home! 

1 ReinaFound on

2. This ninja sees everything! Odin doesn't need two eyes to find the perfect lap for sitting.

2 NinjaFound on

3. Indy's never let being FIV+ get in the way of becoming a successful businesscat. So when it comes to adopting Indy... do we have a deal? 

3 IndyFound on

4. Baraj's permanently dilated pupils shoot focused beams of concentrated cuteness in any direction!

4 BarajFound on

5. Alcides is one super Pittie who may have supersonic speed when there's fun to be had!

5 AlcidesFound on

6. Maxine is a distinguished lady whose years of experience help her to appreciate the finer things in life — like long walks and afternoon cuddles.

6 MaxineFound on

7. Although he's deaf and only has one eye, Humphrey is quite the gentleman who would be positively charmed to make your acquaintance.

7 HumphreyFound on

8. He may not see very well, but MT is a great listener. This kitty will stay up late discussing the meaning of life...or anything else you want to muse about.

8 MTFound on

9. Black cats are bad luck? Tell that to Cricket, who just beat you with a Royal Flush ... again.

9 CricketFound on

10. As glamorous as she is sweet, it's hard to deny that Sugar has star power. This gorgeous lady may be blind, but she can always sense when she's in the presence of an adoring fan!

10 SugarFound on

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Some of these cuties have already been adopted, but there are still many more just waiting for their furever homes. If you’re interested in adopting a “less-adoptable” pet of your own, visit Petfinder today!